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Glenfield Landfill

2016/7963 2 Cambridge Ave, Glenfield Waste Services LA Kennett Planning Agreement

The Developer is seeking development consent to develop a materials recycling facility and associated infrastructure on the Land and the subdivision of the Land (Proposed Development) and has made an offer to the Minister to enter into the Planning Agreement in connection with the Proposed Development.

The Planning Agreement provides that the Developer and the Landowners will make a development contribution by way of the dedication of approximately 10.575 hectares of land to the Minister for the purpose of public passive recreation (Development Contribution).
Attachments & Resources
VPA location details
Location Glenfield Landfill
Local Government Area Campbelltown, Liverpool
Notification location Department of Planning and Environment’s Information Centre Ground level, 23-33 Bridge Street Sydney NSW
Key dates and other information
Status Executed
Notification start date 27/09/2016
Notification end date 28/10/2016
Executed 30/11/2016
VPA operational (Yes/No) Yes
Do satisfactory arrangements apply No
Developer L A Kennett Enterprises Pty Ltd trading as Glenfield Waste Services (the Developer), Figela Pty Ltd, J.C. & F.W. Kennett Pty Ltd and Helen Louise Kennett (together, the Landowners)