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Louth Park - Turner, Ingles, Stansbury

2014/6916 Louth Park Planning Agreement

The Developer is seeking approval for the subdivision of the Land into approximately 22 residential lots in 2 stages in accordance with Development Application 14/1372 which has been lodged with Maitland City Council (Proposed Development). The developer has made an offer to the Minister to enter into the Planning Agreement in connection with the Proposed Development.

The Planning Agreement provides that the Developer will make a monetary contribution of $72,440 per hectare (as indexed under CPI in accordance with the Planning Agreement) of net developable area for the purposes of the provision of designated State public infrastructure within the meaning of clause 6.1 of the Maitland Local Environmental Plan 2011 (the LEP).

The amount of the monetary contribution will be paid in instalments calculated on the basis of an estimate of the net developable area for each subdivision certificate application. The Planning Agreement provides that where a proposed residential lot shown in a subdivision certificate application has a net developable area of more than 0.1 hectares, the lot is to be taken to have a net developable area of 0.1 hectares only.

The instalments are payable prior to the issue of each relevant subdivision certificate as set out in Schedule 4 to the Planning Agreement.

The Developer is required to provide a Bank Guarantee and register the Planning Agreement on the title to the Land in accordance with section 93H of the Act.

The objective of the Planning Agreement is to facilitate the delivery of the Developer’s contributions towards the provision of infrastructure, facilities and services referred to in clause 6.1 of the LEP.

No relevant capital works program by the Minister is associated with this agreement.
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VPA location details
Location Louth Park - Turner, Ingles, Stansbury
Local Government Area Maitland
Notification location • Head Office Information Centre Ground Level, 23-33 Bridge Street, Sydney • Newcastle Office Price Waterhouse Coopers Centre Level 2, 26 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle
Key dates and other information
Status Concluded
Notification start date 28/01/2015
Notification end date 28/02/2015
Total Submissions 1
Executed 30/03/2015
VPA operational (Yes/No) No
Developer Gareth Ogden Turner, Karen Ann Turner, Peter William Ingles, Jennifer Helen Ingles, Ian Douglas Stansbury and Helen Sparke Stansbury