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WIK - Portion of The Northern Road Upgrade (intersection of Peter Brock Drive)

2012/6809 WIK - SIC Portion of The Northern Road Upgrade

The Developer proposes to carry out Development within the Western Sydney Growth Areas Special Contributions Area. The Environmental Planning and Assessment (Special Infrastructure Contribution −
Western Sydney Growth Areas) Determination 2011 provides for the making of special infrastructure contributions for development on certain land within the WSGA Special Contributions Area.

The Ministerial Determination provides that a special infrastructure contribution may be made as a monetary contribution or a contribution of a kind specified in a special infrastructure contribution works−in−kind agreement.

The Developer proposes to construct and provide certain items of infrastructure to discharge its liability to make special infrastructure contributions imposed under Development Consents, in lieu of making monetary contributions.
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VPA location details
Location WIK - Portion of The Northern Road Upgrade (intersection of Peter Brock Drive)
Local Government Area Camden
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Status Concluded
Executed 19/09/2012
VPA operational (Yes/No) Yes
Developer Landcom