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Former ADI Site, St. Marys

2012/5620 Deed of Variation to St Marys State Development Agreement

The amendment to the St Marys State Development Agreement (SDA) seeks to:
1. Identify and incorporate into the SDA, as required by the existing SDA, the Balance Road Works, being roadworks which are identified by the 2007 St Marys Development Transport Management Study and to reflect agreement reached in relation to other transport priorities and plans.
2. Identify changes to state infrastructure contributions arising from a decision by the former Government in 2008, as reflected in Planning Circular 08-017.
3. Identify and incorporate other minor amendments, including updates in relation to residual remediation works; and updates in relation to the Guarantor parties.
Attachments & Resources
VPA location details
Location Former ADI Site, St. Marys
Local Government Area Blacktown
Notification location A copy of the proposed Deed of Variation (and associated outline) is available for viewing at the Department's Head Office Information Centre at 23-33 Bridge St, and the Parramatta Office at 10 Valentine Ave during regular business hours. The documentation is also available on the Department's website at
Key dates and other information
Status Executed
Notification start date 10/10/2012
Notification end date 06/11/2012
Executed 07/05/2013
VPA operational (Yes/No) Yes
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