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2012/5611 Huntlee Stage 1 Planning Agreement Second Deed of Variation

The objective of the Planning Agreement as varied by the Variation Deed is to facilitate the delivery of the Developer’s various contributions towards the provision of designated State infrastructure.

The Planning Agreement as varied by the Variation Deed provides that the Developer will make the following Development Contributions:
- a Regional Road Contribution, at a rate of $105,340 per Net Developable Hectare (subject to indexation in accordance with the Planning Agreement) for the purpose of regional transport infrastructure and services;
- Road Improvement Works to be undertaken in accordance with a Road Works Agreement; and
- Education Contribution Land for the intended use as a primary school.

The objective of the Variation Deed is to amend the Planning Agreement to reflect MOD 6 and MOD 8. The Variation Deed has the effect of extending the timeframe for delivery of parts of the Road Improvement Works and changing the location and configuration of the Education Contribution Land.
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VPA location details
Location Huntlee
Local Government Area Cessnock, Singleton
Notification location At any Service NSW centre. To find the centre nearest to you visit the website at Alternatively you can call 13 77 88.
Key dates and other information
Status Finalising
Notification start date 08/05/2019
Notification end date 07/06/2019
Executed 02/01/2018
VPA operational (Yes/No) No
Do satisfactory arrangements apply Yes
Developer Huntlee Pty Ltd