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Pitt Town

2016/8152 Deed of Amendment to 2006 Pitt Town Planning Agreement, Johnson Property Group

The Planning Amendment Agreement provides that the Developer will make the following monetary
contributions in connection with the Development for the purposes of the provision of designated State
public infrastructure within the meaning of clause 6.1 of Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012
1) $5,806,500.00 on the execution of the Planning Amendment Agreement towards road works which is
calculated on the basis of $10,500.00 per residential lot and a yield of 553 such lots within the Bona
Vista, Fernadell, and Cleary Precincts. This includes 546 lots released to date and an estimated 7 future
lots from Cleary Stage 6b; and
2) $92,923.73 on execution of the Planning Amendment Agreement as the final instalment of the DEC
Contribution in accordance with clause 5.4 and Schedule 5 of the Original Agreement.
Attachments & Resources
VPA location details
Location Pitt Town
Local Government Area Hawkesbury
Notification location Information Centre, Level 22, 320 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2001
Key dates and other information
Status Executed
Notification start date 14/12/2016
Notification end date 31/01/2017
Total Submissions 20
Executed 06/04/2017
VPA operational (Yes/No) Yes
Do satisfactory arrangements apply Yes
Developer Johnson Property Group