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Glenmore Park

2016/7659 Glenmore Park Stage 2 Planning Agreement Amendment

The Deed of Amendment provides for (among other things):
- the removal of Sergio Vianello as a party to the planning agreements as the party is deceased;
- amending the name of 'Mulpha FKP Pty Limited trading as Norwest Land' to 'Mulpha Norwest Pty LImited';
- updating the definition of 'Road Works';
- amending the description of the land to which the planning agreement applies; and
reducing the quantum of the Road Contribution to be paid by each of the landowners and the method by which each instalment for the payment of the Road Contribution is to be calculated.
Attachments & Resources
VPA location details
Location Glenmore Park
Local Government Area
Notification location The Department of Planning and Environment Information Centre 23-33 Bridge Street Sydney NSW 2000
Key dates and other information
Status Executed
Notification start date 12/05/2016
Notification end date 10/06/2016
Executed 13/07/2016
Developer Lensworth Glenmore Park Limited, Mulpha Norwest Pty Limited, Holicombe Pty Limited in its capacity as trustee of the Wearn Quarry Trust, Assunta Vianello and Mint Holding Pty Limited.