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Jacaranda Ponds

2015/7087 E.J Cooper & Son Pty Limited, Feecha Pty Ltd, Himbla Pty Ltd, Rashka Pty Ltd, Printsilk Pty. Limited, Pace Land Holdings Pty Limited and Frank George Pace

The Developer has sought an amendment to the Hawkesbury Local Environmental Plan 2012 to rezone land generally for the purposes of:
a) subdivision of land into approximately 580 residential lots;
b) the construction of an on-site sewerage system; and
c) the creation of an open space network that retains dams on the subject land and provides for three ecological corridors and a riparian corridor along Currency Creek.

The Planning Agreement provides that the developer will make a monetary contribution of $10,000 per residential lot in each proposed plan of subdivision (subject to indexation) for the purpose of the provision of designated State public infrastructure.
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VPA location details
Location Jacaranda Ponds
Local Government Area Hawkesbury
Notification location The Department of Planning and Environment's Information Centre Ground Level 23-33 Bridge Street Sydney
Key dates and other information
Status Executed
Notification start date 29/07/2015
Notification end date 26/08/2015
Executed 24/02/2017
VPA operational (Yes/No) Yes
Do satisfactory arrangements apply Yes
Developer E.J. Cooper & Son Pty Ltd, Feecha Pty Ltd, Himbla Pty Ltd, Rashka Pty Ltd, Printsilk Pty Ltd, Pace Land Holdings Pty LTd and Frank George Pace