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2012/5395 Bingara Gorge, Wilton Planning Agreement

The Planning Agreement replaces the previous State Development Agreement (SDA).

The Planning Agreement provides that the remaining Development Contributions be provided by the Owner, comprising the following:
• a Sewage Treatment Plant to service the Development;
• a dedication of approximately 117 hectares of land as environmental protection and recreation lands for community ownership;
• the construction of sound barriers protecting residential lots bordering the F5 Hume Highway and Picton Road;
• the construction of an internal spine road through the Development; and
• the creation of a Natural Environmental Management Fund and Community Association Environment Fund for the EPR lands.
Attachments & Resources
VPA location details
Location Wilton
Local Government Area Wollondilly
Notification location Head Office Information Centre Ground Level, 23-33 Bridge Street Sydney Parramatta Office, 10 Valentine Avenue, Parramatta
Key dates and other information
Status Executed
Notification start date 24/07/2012
Notification end date 24/08/2012
Executed 02/10/2012
VPA operational (Yes/No) Yes
Developer Lend Lease (Bradcorp)