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Turner Road Precinct

2011/4669 Turner Road Precinct Badgally Road Dart West Planning Agreement

The Badgally Road Dart West Planning Agreement:
- Specifies the regional infrastructure to be provided, being the construction of the extension of Badgally Road from Eagle Vale Drive to Camden Valley Way and associated works (“the Road
- Provides that the Road Work is to be undertaken over a number of years in six separate stages with a total value of $44.3 million
- Each stage of the Road Work is divided into five equal instalments known as "Milestones". The Planning Agreement provides that upon reaching a Milestone, the Developer will be entitled to a SIC Offset Amount for a value attributable to that Milestone as set out in Schedule 3 to the Planning Agreement.
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Location Turner Road Precinct
Local Government Area Camden
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Executed 10/01/2011
Developer Dart West Developments Pty Ltd