Voluntary Planning Agreements

A voluntary planning agreement (VPA) is an agreement entered into by a planning authority (such as the Department of Planning and Environment) and a developer. Under the agreement a developer agrees to provide or fund:

  • public amenities and public services
  • affordable housing
  • transport or other infrastructure.

Contributions can be made through:

  • dedication of land
  • monetary contributions
  • construction of infrastructure
  • provision of materials for public benefit and/or use.

VPAs cannot be entered into unless public notice has been given and an explanatory note is made available for inspection for at least 28 days.

VPAs currently on notification, finalising, executed, or concluded are available to view on this website.

VPA status


VPAs on notification are available for public inspection and comment for at least 28 days before being finalised.


Finalising VPAs have been publicly notified but are yet to be entered into by the Minister for Planning and Environment (as the relevant planning authority), and the developer.


Executed VPAs have been entered into and signed by the Minister for Planning and Environment, and the developer.


All obligations of the Planning Agreements (PAs) have been met by the Developer and the PAs are considered to be concluded and no longer active.

Current VPA Notifications
Planning Agreement - Aranik Investments Pty Ltd: VPA - Lots 113 and 114 DP 264554 and Lot 2 DP 506386, Warners Bay. Notification
Thomas Paul Property Group Pty Ltd: VPA - 5 Stockton Street, Morrisset (Lot C, DP 443445) Notification
Ravensfield Downs Pty Ltd: VPA - Lot 17 DP 2881 and Lot 1 DP 456832 - Wollombi Road, Farley Notification